Evolution and Culture (Part One)

Evolution is one of the most widely accepted beliefs in our school systems today. It permeates our textbooks and is hammered into our minds as fact in almost every science classroom across the nation. How many times have you opened a science book and the first thing you read is something to the effect of "about 4.5 billion years ago…" or "the universe has changed since its conception over 10 billion years ago"?

The theory is taught as a one-sided truth, leaving no room in the students’ mind for question or doubt. It all makes sense, doesn’t it? They are scientists, after all. They can't be biased, can they? They know what they’re talking about, don’t they? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time secular humanism was wrong.

The point of these next few posts is to reveal to the reader the unspoken truths and evidences that evolutionists refuse to reveal on a large scale. It will also expose some of the flaws in the theory of evolution and demonstrate how evidence can be used to support creation.

The theory of evolution is a problem not only for adults and college students, but also for children from their very first year of school. Part of the reason many students today believe in evolution is because they have been taught it as fact since they first walked through school doors. Innocent first graders will believe almost anything you tell them. So, without any other influence, of course they will believe in evolution. Especially when they open their textbooks and the first thing they read is: "Earth has changed much since its formation 4.5 billion years ago. Some life on earth has adapted to these changes." (First Grade Merrill Science, 1989 p. 46) Then again, in second grade, students are taught the theory as an "obvious fact," almost in an attempt to make anyone who believes differently look uneducated.

This tactic has become more widely used by evolutionists in the last decade. Whereas before you could find many public debates between evolutionists and creationists, most atheists today are content to stay locked in their houses and mock creationists from afar. This is what is becoming known as a sort of "New Atheism," being spearheaded by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and those like them. Through them, the call of atheism has turned into a war-cry. They have entered a phase of radical evangelism, calling not only for the institution of their own religion, but the eradication of all others.

This has led to a very negative climate, where any dissension from Darwinism is not permitted. While the Bible tells us that Christians will face persecution (Mark 13:13, Matthew 5:10–12), the amount, and frequency that Christians are persecuted in science is greater now than ever thanks to this "New Atheism." The fact is, the current climate is not neutral. Just turn on the news or the Discovery Channel to see this as fact. Many of you who have stood up for your faith may have experienced similar things.

To be continued in Part Two...

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