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    This is the first post of the Genesis vs Darwin Blog. As some people may know, there is also a Genesis vs Darwin Email Newsletter. Due to the amount of time required to produce such a large newsletter, though, some people may fall out of interest with the Creation/Evolution debate in-between issues. This blog will hopefully provide at least some help regarding this time issue. This is an annually updated blog that will include new information, research, and thoughts in-between the Genesis vs Darwin Email Newsletter.

Note: The Genesis vs Darwin Email newsletter may sometimes be referred to as the GvD Newsletter or even the GvDN, and the blog may be referred to as the GvD Blog or the GvDB.

    If you are wondering, the newest issue of the GvD Newsletter will be coming out soon, finishing the topic of astronomy for the time being. This first GvD Blog post is just a Genesis vs Darwin informational post, so it will not have any Creation/Evolution information. So to end this first GvD Blog post, here is a quote I found from C.S. Lewis. While it may be a bit long, it is none-the-less a powerful quote, in my opinion:


"Looking for God – or Heaven – by exploring space is like reading or seeing all Shakespeare's plays in the hope that you will find Shakespeare as one of the characters or Stratford as one of the places. Shakespeare is in one sense present at every moment in very play. But he is never present in the same way as Falstaff or Lady Macbeth….

    If there were an idiot who thought plays existed on their own, without an author (not to mention actors, producer, manager, stagehands and what not), our belief in Shakespeare would not be much affected by his saying, quite truly, that he had studied all the plays and never found Shakespeare in them….

    My point is that, if God does exist, He is related to the universe more as an author is related to a play than as one object in the universe is related to another.

    If God created the universe, He created space-time, which is to the universe as the metre is to a poem or the key is to music. To look for Him as one item within the framework which He Himself invented is nonsensical.

    If God… exists, mere movement in space will never bring you any nearer to Him or any farther from Him than you are at this very moment. You can neither reach Him nor avoid Him by travelling to Alpha Centauri or even to other galaxies. A fish is no more, and no less, in sea after it has swum a thousand miles than it was when it set out."

--C.S. Lewis, Christian Reflections, "The Seeing Eye" pp. 167-168.


    More GvD Blog posts will be posted annually. Until then,

Happy Trails,

GvD Sam


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    If you want to stay updated with this blog, there are many ways to get automatic updates of new posts on your computer. Most new web browsers have to ability to obtain an RSS Feed, which is needed in order for the computer to know which website to access to update the blog. If you have such a web browser, tell it to add a feed, then copy the below URL into the RSS Feed Website area:

    There are also other ways to have this blog automatically updated on your computer. My personal favorite is for those of you using Windows Vista. As most of you know, Windows Vista contains a Side Bar (usually on the right side of the screen) which contains "Gadgets" which can be added. If you haven't done so already, click the "+" button above the sidebar and double-click on the "Feed Headlines" Gadget. A small box should appear on your Side Bar.

    Next, go to (if you are not there already). Near the top-right, in-between the "Home" and "Print" button there is the RSS Feed button. Click on it and it will send you to the RSS Feed page for the blog. Near the bottom of the text box, it will ask you if you want to add this feed. Click yes. Next, go to your Feed Headlines Gadget, and right click near the bottom and click "Options." Under "Display this feed:" click and choose "Genesis vs Darwin Blog." Voila, now you will have the automatically updated Genesis vs Darwin Blog right on your Desktop.


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