Scientific Problems Galore - The Flatness Problem GvD – Issue 2 - Big Bang vs Big God (Section Two)

Introduction to Section Two

       In the last section we discussed why the Big Bang is not a good model without getting very scientifically technical. In this section, we will discuss many of the scientific problems with the Big Bang model. After that, we will discuss some "problems" with the creation theory as well. Then we will delve into some points of interest in the current astronomy field (i.e. where the moon came from). So let's get started!

Scientific Problems Galore

   The Flatness Problem

       This problem has to do with two major opposite forces at work in the universe, expansion and gravity. As the universe expands, it wants to move everything away from itself, while gravity wants to pull everything back together. These two forces are very precisely in tune with one another. This would mean that right when the Big Bang happened, gravity and expansion would have to be almost identical (almost exactly 1:1), even though physics permits any range of differences, from extreme gravity to extreme expansion.
      This is, once again, an arbitrary assumption. There is no reason for the two forces to be in balance in the Big Bang. It is simply assumed, and is an inexplicable problem. If the universe sprang forth from a random fluctuation in a singularity, we would not expect two forces that could be infinitely different from eachother to come out to almost 1:1.



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