Don’t worry, the hiatus is over!

    Though it seemed as long as a LOST mid-season break, and as absent as the TV writers' strike (excuse the television allusions), the GvD Blog is back!

    We're sorry for the long hiatus, but now that summer is rolling around it's finally time for some new GvD Blog Posts. So to kick things off, we're going to be posting two creation research papers, one by an aspiring writer who will be helping with the upcoming Creation Club next year (more information to come)!

    The first paper is entitled "Did Horses Really Evolve?" The paper goes over the "horse series" used in textbooks and museums across the country as alleged proof of evolution. It also goes over the concept of Biblical "created kinds" of animals and even touches upon the vestigial organ argument!

    The second paper is entitled "The Fossil Record Supports Creation," and is written by yours-truly, GvD Sam. This paper highlights the origins controversy, and touches on such subjects as "transitional fossils," rock layers, Grand Canyon strata, soft-bodied fossils, and more! So yes, on one hand, it has been forever since the last update, but on the other hand, the upcoming posts will include more information and hopefully be even more interesting to you all.

    In addition to these papers, some future posts in the works include information about next year's Young Earth Creation Club at County, as well as information about the popular Creation Museum and its content. But perhaps the most important upcoming posts include coverage of the 6th International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh. For those of you who don't know, the "" and ICR-sponsored ICC is an annual conference which is occurring this August in Pittsburgh, PA. From August 3rd to the 7th creation scientists from around the world will present their latest peer-reviewed scientific papers, with non-technical public events in the evening. Some papers to be presented include:

  • The "Eve" Mitochondrial Consensus Sequence - overviews a team's testing of changes in mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is DNA carried in the mitochondria (the cell's "power house") which is primarily passed from mother to child. The team found that there is very little worldwide variation in the mitochondrial genome, which is very strange as mtDNA is the victim of high mutation rates. This suggests a young mitochondrial genome.
  • Radiohalos and Diamonds: Are Diamonds Really Forever? – in addition to the existence of C14 in diamonds (as found in the RATE project), another young-earth evidence has been found in diamonds. Dr. Andrew Snelling and Mark Armitage will present a paper which overviews their studies into the "dynamic process of radiohalo formation in diamonds," and show that it must have occurred in a very short time.

    Many other papers will be presented (these are simply the ones I have found the most information on at this time). Now that I have either captured your interest or bored you with such scientific jargon, I will return to the point of my mentioning of it. I will be covering the conference and perhaps summarizing some talks and relating new information. I have not decided yet whether to post on each day's events or simply do a long summary post. Comment on this post (near the bottom) or email with your thoughts. I may also be receiving a press pass to the event (thankfully a blog IS a form of press), so who knows, maybe I'll have an interview or two with some scientists! I am excited about the event, and hopefully you all are too!

    Feel free to join me in Pittsburgh this August 3rd to the 7th for the 6th International Conference on Creationism! If you can't come, or would feel too overwhelmed, then stay tuned to the blog for updates and information; I will attempt to relay conference happenings from a layman's viewpoint.

    Enough talking about what isn't happening until August; the next post will be the first of two papers sure to engage you in the geologic and fossiliferous debate!


    Happy Trails,

    GvD Sam.


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