ICC '08 Update #1 (Monday, August 4)

For those readers who are used to the science-and-scripture-filled lines of the GvD Blog, you will have to excuse the following short story...

I wake up to the radio playing from a clock that reads "4:00." The nearly five hour quest to reach ICC 2008 has begun! With only a few hitches (i.e. getting lost and accidentally driving away from Pittsburgh, nearly getting run over by traffic, etc.) we arrive at the Raddison hotel.

We're already late for our first session, so instead of checking out our room, we immediately make our way down the hallway on the left to the ICC Registration tables. Before I can even put on my name tag, I (literally) bump into famed creation geologist Andrew Snelling. That's when it really hit me: "I'm finally here at ICC, I am among the top creationist minds in the world."

As we were already late to the opening session, we browsed around the huge bookstore and many vendor booths set up about the conference hall. (pictured below)

(left) The Institute for Creation Research's table
(right) The back of one of the vendor rooms

The Answers in Genesis table, filled to the brim with creation resources
(note: there are even more vendor tables, I may post more pictures tomorrow)

Then came the next session. The very clever vendors made their tables so interesting that I was five minutes late to even the next session! I walk into "The Tectonics of Venus and Creation" by Robert Hill and... confusion. That's when I learned you have to be to the talks on time!

Thus ends the great introduction of the ICC '08 Quest... now on to the coverage of the talks I attended!

"The Tectonics of Venus and Creation" by Robert Hill covered the known geology of Venus and attempted to answer some questions about resurfacing and plate activity. One example he gave involved the RATE Team's research into accelerated nuclear decay possibly bringing about the catastrophic plate tectonics (causing the flood on earth). He proposed that the heat caused by the decay could have brought about the plate resurfacing on Venus.

At 3:15 we went to "The Creation of Cosmic Magnetic Fields" by Dr. Russ Humphreys, one of the most interesting talks I have heard yet. Rather than explain the whole talk in text and ruin the fun, why not let Dr. Humphreys himself explain it for you! I recently got an interview with Dr. Humphreys, a physicist, where he explained his talk, the history of his theory, and more! (below, followed by picture)

(note: audio may take a bit to load, depending on your connection speed)
(if audio takes too long to load, go to the direct link)
(to download: right-click direct link and "save as")

Sam and Dr. Humphreys talking magnetic fields, galaxies, helium diffusion, etc.

Later that night we went to a very interesting session by Dr. Steve Austin called "Understanding the Mudrock Revolution." Many of us have been taught that sediment slowly builds up on the bottom of rivers. In his talk, Dr. Austin showed why that is not always true, and gave many indications seen in rocks which indicate they were formed quickly, such as evidence of cross lamination, rather than the slow planar lamination of layers. But rather than steal all his steam, it would be easier to let him explain it. I also got an interview with Dr. Steve Austin after his talk, as well as a picture of the crowd during his talk. (both below)

(if audio does not load go to direct link)
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The large crowd at Dr. Steve Austin's talk

That's all for Day One (or two if you count last night's opening talk as a whole day) of the 2008 International Conference on Creationism! Check back tomorrow for Day Two, sure to be just as amazing! Be on the look-out for more updates, more information, more pictures, more interviews, and... well... MORE!

Happy Trails,
GvD Sam

(note: this post was delayed due to problems with the audio software, lack of sufficient time, etc. Thus the Day Two post will be posted tomorrow.)


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